No aluminum
no harmful ingredients

24H protection

High performance
Body responsive formula


100% plant and mineral derived

Cruelty free

Never tested on animals

Powered by Microbiomix™

Our patent-pending blend of prebiotics and postbiotics is body responsive - balancing your microbiome and your skin’s pH to prevent body odor.

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Finally a natural deodorant that is
not a kitchen recipe

Powered by nature and elevated by science, our S.M.A.R.T. ingredients offer a novel and safer alternative.

Why we are different


"I have tried every single natural deodorant out there. Only Kinkō manages to protect me from odor when teaching fitness classes back to back. I have also found that my fitness clothes are lasting longer because they don't have a lingering odor."
Anna D. - Fitness instructor
"Kinkō is the only natural deodorant I have tried that really works and meets my stringent clean and natural standards."
Myriam B. - Naturopath
"Kinkō Balancing Deodorant is my new daily essential. It takes me from my yoga class to the corporate boardroom with confidence and ease. It keeps me fresh and I don't worry about BO."
Isa F. - Global Procurement Manager / Yoga Instructor
"This is the first natural deodorant I have used that didn't give me a rash! It also kept me odor free when I was training for my triathlon - I told all my fellow athletes about it!"
Romain F. - Triathlete

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